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Supper Unikk 1 Products Nig. LTD, a division of Unikk Services Incorporated, USA is the food company that makes African Soup In A Bag line of products and others. Our products are delicious authentic African soups, including Egusi soup, Ogbono/Apon soup, Onugbu soup, Ora/Oha soup and Pepper soup, native to Nigeria but enjoyed by everybody around the world. We guarantee you will love the soups.

Our raw materials are organically grown by local Nigerian farmers and harvested at their pick to ensure the highest quality of our products. We not only ensure the quality of our products, we also empower local farmers. Our raw materials are hygienically and delicately processed to capture and retain the highest quality of nutrients. Our products are nutritious and also promote healthy living. They contain no artificial colors or flavors. They are all natural. Our packages make it easy and convenient for you to travel with and enjoy your favorite soup anywhere in the world.

They are lightweight and are double sealed for added safety and to lock in flavor.
Order now to start enjoying your favorite soup.AFRICAN SOUP IN A BAG —SO TASTY —- SO EASY

For large orders, call the toll free or local number for a quote.

Call: 1-734-646-5050

An innovative African food company with a fresh take of authentic flavors and convenience.
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