Authentic African Flavors

Experience delicious easy-to-make soups, unique spice blends and other exciting African food products.

Delicious Soups

The very first and still the best brand of quick and easy to fix African soups for the savvy customer.

Magical Spices

African flavor is all about the spices. And no one has a more loved blend than we do.

Many More Coming

We’re in the lab (kitchen), experimenting always to find new ways of pleasing your palette.



I’m married to a Nigerian man who loves his fufu and soups and I struggled to learn to make the different dishes. These products are relationship and marriage savers.

Sarah A.

I have tried every product from this company. I buy from my the African store here in Bowie and my whole family love it.

Evelyn O.

African soup in a bag is truly a God sent to me. I love my Nigerian┬ásoup but don’t have time to shop and cook it but with this product, it’s so easy to prepare and fast too. Did I mention it is very delicious? More delicious that I can even make it myself.

Okey U.

An innovative African food company with a fresh take of authentic flavors and convenience.
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